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Athletics meets Science: Jamaica’s Pursuit of Greatness

Why is Usain Bolt the fastest man in athletics?

Why do Jamaican athletes dominate track and field?

Is it genetics? Environment? Diet? Or a combination of all three?

You’ll find the answers to these questions and much more as “Athletics Meets Science – Jamaica’s pursuit of greatness” takes place on the 28th and 29th of July at The University of East London.

This special two day event (brought to you by We Are Parable and The University of West Indies, Jamaica) takes a fascinating look into just what makes Jamaican athletes such a force to be reckoned with on the world’s stage.

From taking a detailed look at their diets to taking an in-depth look at just how they’re able to perform at such a high level, we’ll spend the two days giving you some of the insights that have been discovered over the years.

We’ve put together a programme of talks by professors, authors, psychology consultants and other prominent speakers who will guide you through how athletics and science have merged in such a unique way to develop elite athletes in a country that has a population of 4 million people (less than half of London!)

Join us on this engaging event as we cover:

Yams: Natural steroids or myths?
Understanding the mind games that influence performance
Preventing injuries and maintaining the health of elite athletes

Sensory and biometric Analyses: Study of Jamaican athletes selected for World Championships 2017
…and much more
If these talks weren’t enough, “Athletics meets Science” will also include documentary screenings and a photographic exhibition, chronicling the genealogy of Jamaican athletics over generations.

“Athletics Meets Science” forms part of Jamaica55 UK celebrations, supported by The Centre for Global Affairs, University of West Indies, Jamaicans Inspired UK and Black History Studies.

Tickets are on sale now visit  

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