A series of events dedicated to supporting Black filmmakers in the UK.

In association with the Film and TV charity, We Are Parable have developed Momentum, a three step approach to helping Black filmmakers get their work seen whilst simultaneously supporting them with mentoring and the ability to navigate their mental health through a challenging industry. 

We believe that this work is integral and is part of our long term commitment to fast tracking the provision of industry opportunities. We feel that our stories are some of the most vibrant and energetic ones being made and we want to be part of an ecosystem that enables creatives to keep getting their work made, seen and engaged with. 

Step 1 – Mental Health wellbeing sessions

With a global pandemic bringing the film industry to an almost complete standstill, we recognise the strain this may have on many, including Black Filmmakers. We have collaborated with Psychological Therapist Vanessa Boachie to produce a session that looks at Mental Health and wellbeing and how Black creatives can overcome underlying factors by developing useful strategies that can help in their practice and lives.

27th November, 6pm, Zoom – Book

Step 2 – Mentoring sessions for Black Creatives

The second step of the Momentum project is selecting 10 aspiring filmmakers to participate in a mentoring scheme designed to help them get their work made and seen. We have secured the support of BBC FILM, Altitude and Park Circus, who will provide individuals who are experts in script development, international sales  production, marketing, publicity and distribution. The programme will run from 1st December to the end of January 2021.

If you would like to be a part of this mentoring programme, please send us a short statement (no more than 100 words) about how you would benefit from having a mentor.

Step 3 – Screening the work

We intend produce a series of online events that consist of showing work of emerging Black Filmmakers, and will also contain a talk and Q+A about their work, experiences and challenges. These events are designed to inspire and engage an audience of aspiring filmmakers and casual observers who want to hear from Black directors and their journeys to getting their exceptional work made. The sessions (taking place in December 2020) will be moderated by Anthony Andrews of We Are Parable. 

Momentum by We Are Parable.
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