Coming to America is 25 – see for yourself!

Hi all,

As you might have noticed, we had a little event at Stratford Picturehouse about 6 weeks back. You might not remember as we didn’t really promote it that much (ha!).

Well, we’re now happy to share with you the promotional video

For the lucky 150 or so who managed to get tickets to our sold out experiential screening of classic 80’s film Coming to America, you get a chance to relive the amazing, one night only event.

For you guys who couldn’t come along for whatever reason, then hopefully you’ll get a good sense of what a ‘We Are Parable’ event is all about!

Before we get into the video, we  once again need to thank all of the stallholders, dancers, drummers, artists, performers, visitors, friends and family who made this a truly unforgettable night for us.

A special shout out to Cynthia and Magenda from Kickin it With the Kinks for the awesome video!

Til next time,


A & T

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