We Are Parable

Spike Lee is 60 – Celebrating an icon

Spike Lee is the great chronicler of our age. The director looked left when everyone else was looking right. He challenged the Hollywood status quo at a time when African-American filmmakers were marginalized; demanding diversity and giving airplay to alternative narratives. Since his debut feature She’s Gotta Have It had its premiere at Cannes in 1986,  Spike […]

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The Passion Killer?

How important is passion? I thought I knew the answer to this question – it’s obvious right? I mean, if Steve Jobs and Oprah Winfrey tell you to follow your dreams and do work you love, then I guess that’s kind of what you should do. Seems legit – they were and are wealthy beyond […]

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Finding inspiration at the Newport Street Gallery

After working flat out for the few months, whether it was on events, or in our “9-5’s”, it was definitely time to recharge our batteries. But not by going on a mini break somewhere exotic (as nice as that would be), but by getting the creative mind flowing again. Easier said than done.   One […]

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