5 things we’ve learned on our podcast

So, it’s been about four months since we started the We Are Parable podcast. It came about because, over the last five years of working on the business, we’ve met some individuals who have truly inspired us along our own journey. 

It sounds crazy, but I feel that there is a network that we’ve formed and where we’ve linked up with some talented creatives; we all share a similar mindset where, if something doest exist, rather than complain about it, we’ll create it instead. That’s certainly our philosophy whenever we approach any project. 

Selfishly, I wanted to have candid conversations with some of the people who I think are doing amazing things in their lane, and understand how they stay motivated and hungry to go after their goals. But, rather unselfishly, I wanted everyone else (including you) to be a part of the conversation and understand the process, the journey, the experiences that these individuals have had. 

So, after buying a  fancy microphone, discovering Garage Band on my laptop and after about 100 attempts to find the right title music, we launched the very first podcast in January. To be recorded on a fortnightly basis, we’d speak to these people and talk about their challenges, their successes, their creative journey, as well as what they would tell the 10 year old version of themselves, knowing what they know. 

We’ve just recorded our sixth podcast episode and it feels like a good time to take a pause and reflect on some of the lessons we’ve learned whilst speaking to some of our peers. 

  1. What’s for you, won’t pass you. 

On our second podcast, I spoke to Jacqueline Shepherd who mentioned this quote that her father once told her. I instantly resonated with the idea behind it, and the faith you need to have to believe in it. Sometimes we may strive for something, and we might want it so badly…and you know what? We don’t get it. That’s Ok, it wasn’t meant for us. 

  1. If you keep moving, you haven’t failed. 

Ah, the dreaded ‘F’ word. We sometimes think that we’ve failed because we’re not moving fast enough, but after speaking to your favourite DJ’s favourite DJ, DJ Croc, the only failure comes from stopping altogether. Whether you’re racing towards your goals or crawling at a snail’s pace, they’re both better than standing still.

  1. Believe in yourself. Stay true. 

Meeting with Samantha Jane from United 80 was a revelation. Hearing how she took the leap and create her brand was and is a great story, and knowing what a cultural hub that she has developed down in South London is there for all to see. All because she stayed true to herself. 

  1. Outwork the competition

With 100,000 followers on Instagram, The King of Trainers knows a thing or two about working hard. But the question that he asked himself (“How can I outwork the competition?”), is true, regardless of industry. You can have all the skill in the world, but without the work ethic to back it up, you’re just another talking head.

  1. Enjoy the journey.

Our latest podcast was a conversation with Larry Coker, founder of Elcee’s cocktails, who offered a timely reminder to enjoy and experience the road ahead, regardless of how you’re feeling right now. You often hear about people have been grinding for something they want and then when they get it, they pine for the time they were grinding. You never quite know what where you’re gonna go. But just enjoy getting there. 


It’s been a lot of fun creating these podcasts and the reward has been turning collaborators into bonafide friends, as we all continue to strive for greatness. Most importantly though, working on these podcasts has shown me that there is no one right way to success, there’s only your way.


Thank you to: 

Jacqueline Shepherd 

DJ Croc

Samantha Jane 

Franklin Boateng AKA King of Trainers 

Larry Coker 

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